Leonardo Ottoni

Leonardo Ottoni

Leonardo uses painting to bring people into his world with a surprisingly new look


Everything in his pictures is dynamic, happy, magic…as he is

Leonardo Ottoni was born on July 22 1998.He lives in Castel San Pietro Terme, near Bologna.

Leonardo is a special guy not only for his relatives but for everybody, because of  his way of being,  creativity and ability to engage public with “bizarre dances” and big smiles.

Since the beginning Leonardo has used his paintings to let people enter  his world with a new surprising point of view. His artistic recipe is always the same, ingredients are not a mystery: music, animals and colors used  with vitality. During the last years he could develop  his artistic skills and talents thanks to the meeting and collaboration with lots of people, associations and institutions which love art.


Exhibitions and Events

  • November 2019
    Imola - Mi.Mo minimo modern art

  • September 2019
    Osteria Grande (Castel San Pietro Terme) - Osteria in festa, esposizione area artisti

  • September 2019
    Castel san pietro terme - partecipazione ad AMA Arte Moda Anima

  • July 2019
    Cima di Sappada - Leo tra i monti, museo etnografico di Cima di Sappada

  • July 2019
    Castel San Pietro Terme - Indigest festival

  • June 2019
    Anzola dell'Emilia - il magico mondo di Leonardo

  • June 2019
    Imola - inaugurazione de "IL MURO DIPINTO: Marco Cavallo e altre storie

  • May 2019
    Castel San Pietro Terme - Mostra Mercato all'Accademia del Pomelo

  • May 2019
    Castel San Pietro Terme - mostra mercato di Leonardo Ottoni presso l'Accademia del Pomelo

  • April 2019
    Castel San Pietro Terme - Arte e Moda

  • April 2019
    Bologna - il magico mondo di Leo presso la sede legislativa della regione Emilia Romagna

  • December 2018
    Imola - personale di Leonardo Ottoni presso L'anonima Fornelli

  • November 2018
    Lucca - Leocomics

  • July 2018
    Dozza - Parete dell’artista presso la piccola Osteria del Borgo

  • May 2018
    Castel San Pietro Terme - Festa della Famiglia   

  • December 2017
    Bologna - Zootopia mostra personale presso il museo zoologico di Bologna 

  • September 2017
    Imola - presso Liberi in festa

  • June 2017
    Bologna - presso l’ufficio scolastico regionale dell’Emilia Romagna

  • June 2017
    Imola - presso la Festa dell’agricoltura

  • June 2017
    Imola - "Imola in Musica" Opera in opera mostra d’arte personale presso il Cuberdon

  • May 2017
    Molinella - Liberi di Danzare mostra d’arte personale presso l’Istituto Comprensivo di Molinella

  • May 2017
    Bologna - Ponte in musica, cerchio dalla Libia a via Libia a Bologna Evento serale d’ arte e spettacolo, mostra collettiva "animali fantastici" 

  • April 2017
    Castel San Pietro Terme - Opere in opera mostra personale presso la saletta espositiva comunale

  • March 2017
    Imola - Imola in blu, iniziative in occasione della settimana blu per l’Autismo, mostra collettiva presso la Biblioteca comunale 

  • February 2017
    Imola - Animali - oggetti - persone, mostra personale presso l’Istituto Superiore Paolini

  • January 2017
    Imola - Animali - oggetti - persone, mostra personale presso l’Istituto Superiore Paolini

About Leonardo

""... There is light of idea, thought, inspiration, intuition, emotion. It is difficult to find out what moves his hand, but the result of those gestures on the sheet is independent light, which shines even when there is no sun ... ""
francesca Marchetti consigliera regionale Emilia romagna

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